IR laser module, 5mW, 850nm,
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IR laser module, 5mW, 850nm

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Laser module with line or cross lens with zooming option

wavelength 850nm

working voltage 3-3.2V

degree of protection IP20

security class 3B

working temperature -10 - 40 °C

size 12x12x37 mm

cable length 100 mm

price for 1 piece

Attention, during assembly, the laser module must not be conductively connected to any other metal part of another device. It must be conductively insulated. Why is that so? In the vast majority of semiconductor lasers, the laser diode is pressed into a metal case during production for better heat dissipation. Since one of the poles of the laser diode is brought to its housing, then this pole is also on the heatsink. To make things worse. A laser diode can be damaged even by a relatively small closing voltage. Even when handling the laser itself, use antistatic agents.
TIP: In the worst case, before handling, reach for, for example, a radiator or a water pipe, which is certainly grounded in your house. Any static tension will be dissipated from your body. Avoid sweaters and similar types of clothing that can generate static electricity. Never connect the laser module conductively to another piece of metal.

This module does not require additional cooling. The laser has very little heat loss. So you don't have to worry about isolating the module and tightly fitting it or attaching it to a stand. In this case, the laser will not overheat and there will be no reduction in service life.

Safety Warnings:
During operation, avoid any impact of the beam into human or animal eyes. The laser is not safe for human health.

3.0-3.2V DC
Waterproof grade
Security class