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Fiber optic starry sky is decorative lighting created using fiber optics that mimics the appearance of the starry sky. This type of lighting can be placed in different types of ceilings, such as coffered or plasterboard ceilings, and is a popular choice for creating atmospheric lighting in both public and private spaces.

Here are some details:

1. Placement and appearance: The fiber optic starry sky can be installed in coffered or plasterboard ceilings and looks beautiful in bedrooms, children's rooms and living rooms. It is also a popular choice for decorative lighting in restaurants, hotels, wellness centers, spas and lower temperature saunas such as infrared saunas or infrared cabins.

2. Installation and Configuration: The starry sky LED kit is suitable for installation in suspended ceilings. The placement of individual points depends only on the customer's imagination, and the kit includes complete accessories for easy assembly. Optical fibers are available in different diameters, and with thicker fibers you can create more prominent stars, such as constellations.

3. Light-decorative effect: The starry sky brings an impressive light-decorative effect to the interior, and the assembly works on the principle of optical fibers. Some sets offer a certain number of light points and are suitable for decorating smaller areas, for example above a bathtub or a hot tub.

4​. Use: This type of lighting is an effective light fixture in private as well as commercial facilities such as wellness centers, restaurants, bars, or as effective lighting at the hotel reception. Together with LED lamps and other energy-saving LED products, it creates design light that is aesthetically appealing.

The fiber optic starry sky offers a beautiful and unique alternative to traditional lighting, and is able to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in various types of spaces.

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LED source for starry sky, RGBW 32W
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RGBW source for light (optical) fibers with 32W power. RF remote control.
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